Our Story

Roofer Grow was born with a simple premise. Roofing companies across North America are frustrated with lead generation companies and dealing with poor performing marketing companies that literally know nothing about Roofing. We decided to leverage our deep history in marketing and the residential roofing industry to take over the marketing for Roofing companies. Join us!

Steve Gadsby
Chief Executive Officer + Co-Founder

Prior to co-founding Roofer Grow, Steve had an HVAC business for over a decade. Steve grew his company and his team from just himself and a van to one of largest HVAC companies in the area performing over 800 installs a year with a staff of 25 people. Steve sold his company to one of the largest HVAC companies in the world in 2017. 

Cary Blackburn
Chief Marketing Officer + Co-Founder

Previous to co-founding Roofer Grow, Cary was a co-owner of a general online marketing business. He has an extensive background helping clients generate leads with Facebook advertising, search marketing, search engine optimization and advertising design. Cary was also part of the team that helped Steve grow his HVAC business to over $5 million per year.

James Blackburn
Director of Search Marketing

Previous to Roofer Grow, James was a construction site superintendent, and then co-owner of an online marketing business. His expertise is in search engine optimization (SEO) and helping companies find their website on the first page of Google organic search results. He was part of the team to grow Steve's HVAC business using online marketing.

Chris Herbert
Sales Manager

Chris has been in sales and customer relations for the home improvement industry for 20 years. He is a family man, married with four kids and in his spare time enjoys poker and politics. If he's your front line contact to the company, he responds quickly and gets things done. Anything you need, Chris will take care of it.

Mike Dodd
Director of Sales

Previous to joining Roofer Grow, Mike has been in the marketing and financing services sector for over a decade, working directly with contractors in the home improvement industry with companies like Web.com, Modernize, & Get Hearth.

Crystal Henderson
Web Developer

Before joining the Roofer Grow team Crystal worked alongside Cary, James and Ryan as a web developer for their online marketing business. She takes care of all of our client’s website needs with an exceptional level of customer service and attention to detail. People feel comfortable knowing that their business’ most important piece of marketing is being taken care of properly and professionally.

Ryan Blackburn
Online Marketing Manager

Previous to joining Roofer Grow, Ryan was an important part of the team at Cary's general online marketing business. He specializes in Facebook and Instagram marketing, social media marketing, and Google Guaranteed optimization. As the head of the marketing team, he oversees all aspects of the marketing process. He works closely with clients to understand their unique needs and requirements, developing tailored campaigns that meet their objectives.

Leon Farmer
Account Manager

Previous to joining Roofer Grow, Leon has worked as a Digital Marketing Specialist back in Dublin, Ireland focusing on Paid Media including Facebook & Instagram. Leon loves to deliver results and doing his absolute best for anyone that needs help. In his spare time, he loves watching, playing football (soccer) and is currently learning the ways of Canadian sports.

Jarrod Ribaudo
Design Production Manager

Jarrod brings a wealth of experience and expertise in digital advertising and copywriting to his role at Roofer Grow. Prior to joining the company in 2022, he worked at a local insurance company, where he honed his skills in crafting compelling marketing campaigns and driving results. Jarrod leads the design team to ensure that clients receive high-quality marketing designs that capture their brand's essence and resonate with their target audience.

Julia Hannigan
Online Marketing Assistant

Julia joined the Roofer Grow team in February 2020 as an online marketing assistant. She started her career with a mechanical engineering degree and has worked a variety of really cool jobs in many different industries, finally landing in online marketing.

Isaac Hengel
Online Marketing Assistant

Isaac has been an integral part of the Facebook ads team since 2021 and brings a unique set of skills to create effective campaigns that drive results. Based in North Carolina, Isaac has a strong passion for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and hiking in his spare time.